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Elastomer-Sensor Composite for Dynamic Pressure Measurement

This project is focused on developing a compliant pressure sensor by utilizing strain sensors coupled with elastomer matrices that will deform under applied load. The goal is to obtain real-time pressure feedback to be used in actively controllable compression garments.

Compression garments that can be actively controlled without inhibiting mobility represent a significant improvement over typical passive or inflatable garments; however, active compression control requires real-time sensing of the pressure being applied by the garment, which is a non-trivial challenge. The suite of commercially available pressure sensors is ill-suited for wearable compression garment sensing applications. In this study, we are developing and testing a compliant pressure sensor that combines textile-based strain sensors with strategically designed, pre-deformed elastomer matrices designed to flatten under an applied load. We are studying the ability of this sensor architecture to provide both real-time accurate pressure feedback and enhanced counter-pressure uniformity in an actively controllable compression garment.


Funded by UMN Grant-In-Aid


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