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Remotely-controllable compression vests with integrated shape changing materials
Manufacture of wearable technology
Soft exoskeletons to measure and assist upper-limb mobility
Developing methods of heating the human instead of the environment without sacrificing comfort.
Addressing OIG technology gap by advancing SMA knitting technology for wearable, on-body applications
A closet of clothes and nothing to wear: how do you teach a computer to pick out an outfit?
Dynamic compression garments for cardiovascular applications using integrated shape-changing materials
Manufacturing smart garments by knitting with spatially-varying, multi-material monofilament.
Sensing forces and pressures applied to the body using soft, conformable sensors.
Distribution of Wearable Tech
Sensing activities and movements through soft, everyday clothing
Sensing unhealthy body positions and movements and providing real-time or post-hoc feedback
Exploring the potential of larger surface area in developing new methods of communicating through the sense of touch
Developing technologies that allow humans to interact with devices on the go
Charting the path to move technologies from the laboratory into manufacture and sale
A curriculum of informal learning experiences that highlights the STEM concepts inherent in apparel design.
Our team of fashion designers working to keep astronauts' hands dry aboard a microgravity test flight
A comprehensive guide to the physics of clothing


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