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Rachael Granberry

PhD Candidate, Apparel Studies

Research Fellow




Rachael Granberry


Rachael is a NASA Space Technology Research Fellow (NSTRF17) and PhD candidate in Design with a minor in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Minnesota. She splits her time between the Wearable Technology Lab (WTL) within the Department of Design and The Design of Active Materials and Structures Lab (DAMSL) within the Department of Mechanical Engineering. She received her bachelor's degree from Tulane University and previously was a Research Fellow at the Wyss Institute at Harvard University, where she worked in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences's BioDesign Lab. She specializes in textile-based actuators and wearable systems.


Research Interests & Expertise

Textile-based actuators

Textile structure

Machine knitting

User-centered design

Smart materials

Anthropometrics, fit, & sizing


Selected Scholarship

Granberry, R. M., Eschen, K. P., Ross, A. J., Abel, J. M., & Holschuh, B. T. (2020). Dynamic Countermeasure Fabrics for Post-Spaceflight Orthostatic Intolerance. Aerospace Medicine and Human Performance91(6), 525-531.


Granberry, R., Eschen, K., Holschuh, B., & Abel, J. (2019). Functionally Graded Knitted Actuators with NiTi‐Based Shape Memory Alloys for Topographically Self‐Fitting Wearables. Advanced materials technologies4(11), 1900548.


Granberry, R., Holschuh, B., & Abel, J. (2019, September). Experimental Investigation of the Mechanisms and Performance of Active Auxetic and Shearing Textiles. In ASME 2019 Conference on Smart Materials, Adaptive Structures and Intelligent Systems. American Society of Mechanical Engineers Digital Collection.

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