Noah Garon

Undergraduate Student, Apparel Design

Research Assistant, Wearable Technology Lab



Noah Garon

Noah Garon is an undergraduate student majoring in apparel design and minoring in both product design and business management. His passion is to combine the worlds of art/fashion with life altering science/technology. Much of his studies have been interdisciplinary, and outside of technology and apparel, there is a focus on sustainability and human interaction in regards to products and one another. Many of his projects within the lab work with creating useful, desirable devices, working specifically with fabrication methods. In his free time you can find him at Hillel or Model UN, sewing, and working on countless personal projects.


Research Interests & Expertise

User Experience

Wearable Technology

Develpoment and Characterization of Wearable Stitched Sensors

Manufacturing Methods for Wearable Devices

Industry Practices for Wearable Technology Businesses

Sustainable Design

Product Development

Human Factors Design and Engineering

Wearable Technology Lab

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