Ellen Dupler

Master's Student, Electrical Engineering

Research Assistant, Wearable Technology Lab



Ellen Dupler

Ellen Dupler is a second-year MS electrical engineering student and research assistant in the Wearable Technology Lab. She completed her BSE at the University of Michigan, and worked for 5 years in a variety of engineering roles at John Deere in Moline, IL before starting her masters degree. She's also a member in the Wearable Research Collaboratory in the UMN Department of Writing Studies that investigates the impact of emerging technologies and develops new ideas for embodied computing applications. A large part of her education is interdisciplinary but focused on human factors, human-computer interaction, and systems thinking. Her projects in the lab include prototyping wearable systems to adjust thermal microclimates and sensing feedback systems for soft exoskeletons. Her personal interests are traveling, reading, rock climbing, and drinking craft beer made from her sibling's business, Barrel and Beam.


Research Interests & Expertise

Development and Characterization of Wearable Stitched Sensors

Optimization Methods for Wearable Sensing

Materials and Fabrication Methods

Systems Engineering

Sustainable Design

Human Factors and UX

Rhetorical Agency in Emerging Technologies


Selected Scholarship

Gagliardi, N., Foo, E., Dupler, E., Ozbek, S., & Dunne, L. (2018, April). Design of a Stitched Textile-Based Thermal Actuator Garment to Attenuate Peripheral Microclimate Experience. In 2018 Design of Medical Devices Conference (pp. V001T10A016-V001T10A016). American Society of Mechanical Engineers.


Feng, K., Sun, H., Bradley, M. A., Dupler, E. J., Giannobile, W. V., & Ma, P. X. (2010). Novel antibacterial nanofibrous PLLA scaffolds. Journal of controlled release146(3), 363-369.

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