About the Lab
The Wearable Technology Lab was founded by Dr. Lucy Dunne in 2009, and is currently co-directed by Dr. Dunne and Dr. Brad Holschuh . WTL research focuses on the intersection between apparel and new technology: for instance, in expanding garment functionality through dynamic functionality and aesthetics; in improving the way we use, manage, and consume clothing; and in streamlining the design and manufacturing processes of smart clothing. Many projects deal with translating technological potential into the real, everyday world: understanding human physical and emotional comfort and balancing these variables with tradeoffs of performance variables in a smart system design.
lab location
We are located in 322 McNeal Hall on the UMN St Paul Campus. Best parking is in the surface lot at the top of Buford Circle, just North of the building or in Gortner Ramp, southeast of the building on Gortner Ave.
Facilities and Equipment

Facilities include:


Mechanical test equipment

-Cyberquins Running Mannequin
-Vicon optical motion capture system
-Instron tensile tester
-Tekscan thin film pressure measurement system
-Extensive manual/mechanical textile test equipment including drapability, flammability, stiffness/thickness, abrasion
-Laundry facilities


Physiological test equipment
-Biopac biological data acquisition system
-BMR Clinical electrical muscle stimulators
-Tekscan Body Pressure Measurement System (BPMS) with Conformat sensor hardware


Prototyping and modeling (soft goods, hard goods, and electro-mechanical systems)
-Electronic prototyping, programming, and test equipment
-Juki BAS-342G pattern stitching machine
-Brother SE400 computerized embroidery machine
-Juki MF-7723U10 high-speed coverstitch machine
-Juki MO-6714-BE6 overlock machine
-Industrial lockstitch machines
-Flat-bed knitting machine
-Tabletop machining and fabrication equipment (e.g., drill press, vacuum off-gassing system)
-Custom-built SMA spring actuator forming device
-Carbolite LHT6/120 high temperature oven
-LulzBot Taz 5 multi-material 3D printer
-3D modeling (hard goods and clothing/textiles)
-Casting and modeling
Contact Us Visit the Lab
Contact/Visiting the Lab
If you are interested in working with WTL faculty or students, please contact:
Dr. Dunne 612-626-5901 or
Dr. Holschuh 612-624-3210

Wearable Technology Lab

1985 Buford Avenue

322 McNeal Hall (Directions & Map)